What the hell is this thing?  It looks like some sort of half-breed between us and the squids.  And it talks like its my age…and that is not something a little baby should be doing.  I’m used to the squids, but this thing is…just weird.  It’s got eyes and other normal features, but it’s still unmistakably squid.  I don’t trust it.

The boss says it’s here to help us, and that its a boy.  Says its some kinda human-born cross and that its apparently on our side.  I dunno.  I’ll be sleeping with my gun, that’s for sure.

The kid saved my life today.  I was about to start work on a building when the kid came up behind me and warned me about some kind of accident, like he was clairvoyant or something.  Thought nothing of it, but kept careful, just in case.  Sure enough, as the day wore on, that carefulness saved me a broken neck.  Gotta hand it to Akin, it…he, is a good egg, half-squid or no

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