Mahjong den vs. Gambling den

I don’t know why, but I feel really like Neuromancer is very at home in Japan.  It could be that since modern day Japan is constantly on the forefront of technology ( and as the technology evolves into neuron splicing and Matrix-esque internet delving, Japan would presumably evolve along with it and keep on that forefront, making it the hot spot for the cutting edge of that technology as well as the black market.


On the flip side, I was wondering if anyone else feels like there might be other reasons for Japan being the setting?  I recall there being heavy Japanese themes in Firefly and not-to-heavy ones in Star Wars (don’t judge me, Professor Sample) and I was wondering if anyone else can think of any other examples of Japanese elements in science fiction or a different reason why Neuromancer feels like it belongs in Japan, or why not

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